Nanning Aviation Sports Model Association was inaugurated and established

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On the morning of March 14th, the Nanning Aviation Sports Association was inaugurated and established at the Xinwanzun Off-campus Trusteeship Center. From then on, the aeromodelling fans in Nanning have their own homes. A small reporter from Bagui watched the ceremony and carried out practical collection, writing and broadcasting.

On the same day, the Nanning Aviation Sports Association held an unveiling ceremony and a lecture on popularization of aircraft model technology. To participate in the inauguration event, there were big celebrity model airplane instructors, teachers and students and aviation fans of Xinwanzun's off-campus management center, as well as nearly a hundred people including Bagui Xiaoji.

In the event, the fans of small airplane model took an aerospace knowledge class, learned basic aviation knowledge, and made a small airplane model drone by themselves, which realized a little flying dream... 

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