1.3m Scale Bonanza V35 with Flaps/LED

1.3m Scale Bonanza V35 with Flaps/LED

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1.3m Scale Bonanza V35 with Flaps and LED


Wingspan: 1280mm (50”)

Length: 985mm (39”)

Flying Weight: 1384g

Motor: 3715-KV900 Brushless Outrunner Motor

ESC: 50A Brushless ESC

Servo: 5 pieces of 17g servo (2 for Aileron, 2 for flaps and 1 for the V-tail) and 1 piece of separate 9g servo for the steerable nose gear

Battery: 4S 2200-2800mah Recommended

R/C System: 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter and 6CH Receiver

Packing: 4 pieces per carton, Carton size: 830*615*495mm


1, Powerful high torque 3715 brushless motor with 50A brushless ESC, 4-Cell 2200-3300mah battery pack and 1070 3-blade propeller;

2, Super strong electric retracts with gear doors (optional fixed landing gear);

3, Separate servo for nose gear;

4, Optional floats for take-off on water or snow.

5, 2.4GHz 6CH radio system, control range more than 800m

6, EPO material, light and durable;

7, Transparent and clear window just as it is on the real plane, super scale;

8, LED Nav lights ready;

9, Easy to fly, but highly aerobatics also;

10, Capable of extremely slow flight with or without flaps;

11, 90% assembled before delivery;

12, Detachable main wing for easy transportation;

13, Super duty hardware all around;

14, Extremely detailed, scaled from the real plane;

15, Factory applied decals

16, All spare parts available.

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