EPO 1500mm Wingspan Tail Dragger Cessna 185

EPO 1500mm Wingspan Tail Dragger Cessna 185

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EPO 1500mm Wingspan Tail Dragger Cessna 185


Wingspan: 1500mm (59”)

Length: 1138mm (45”)

Flying Weight: 1374g

Motor: 3715-KV1150 Brushless Outrunner Motor

ESC: 50A Brushless ESC

Servo: 4 pieces of 9g servo (for Aileron and Flaps), 2 pieces of 17g servo (for Elevator and Rudder with tail wheel)

Battery: 4S 2200-3300mah Recommended

R/C System: 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter and 6CH Receiver

Packing: 2 pieces per carton, Carton size: 908*328*568mm



1, Powerful high torque 3715 brushless motor with 50A brushless ESC, 4-Cell 2200-3300mah battery pack and 1070 3-blade propeller;

2, Tail dragger set-up;

3, Steerable tail wheel for easy taxi;

4, Optional floats for take-off on water or snow.

5, 2.4GHz 6CH radio system, control range more than 800m

6, EPO material, light and durable;

7, Transparent and clear window just as it is on the real plane, super scale;

8, Aluminum landing gear, reliable and durable;

9, Huge wing size, super stable when flying, suitable for beginners.

10, 90% assembled before delivery

11, Detachable main wing for easy transportation

12, Functional struts provide support for wings while being scaled in appearance, and are easy to remove for transport

13, All spare parts available

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