EPO 1.2m C1 Chaser FPV Flying Wing

EPO 1.2m C1 Chaser FPV Flying Wing

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EPO 1.2m C1 Chaser FPV Flying Wing


Wingspan: 1200mm
CG: 103-108mm from the leading edge at the wing root
Material: EPO
Flying Weight: 660g-1000g
Recommended Configuration:
Motor: 2212-2217 KV2200-2400 motor
ESC: 30-40A esc
Battery: 3S 3300-5400mAh 20C Lipo Battery
Prop: 5-6inch
Recommended Configuration FPV Flying:
Motor: 2216-2217-KV1400 motor
Battery: 3S 3300-5400mAh Lipo Battery
Prop: 8060
Simple layout, easy to assemble, easy to repair if damaged;
Great performance at both low and high speed;
Big space for your FPV gear;
Two pieces anti-wear plastic for belly landing/The front one can also be used as ejection hook.

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